Research and test programmes

Research and test programmes

Thanks to the RAS, a wide range of experiments can be carried out for collecting empirical data for research purposes. The Delft University of Technology carries out its own tests and research programmes. You can team up with them or carry out your own tests separately.

The RAS is a testing and learning environment for new technologies and the related social opportunities in the areas of sustainable and efficient waterway transport, security, digitisation, economic growth, accessibility, and employment. A wide range of experiments is carried out in the RAS for collecting empirical data for research purposes, as part of a joint research agenda of government and the science and business communities. You can team up with them or carry out your own tests or research programmes separately.

The tests listed below have been defined for carrying out experiments, as part of the joint research agenda. The actual research and test programmes will form part of research projects that have yet to be defined, and for which funding has yet to be secured. The test programmes are derived from the precise research questions and also depend on the available options of the automatic ships being tested.

Jointly defined tests:

  • autonomous navigation while passing bridges and through locks
  • autonomous mooring and unmooring
  • navigation involving more than one ship – autonomous and non-autonomous
  • platooning (navigating in columns)
  • users’ experiences (what are the opinions and experiences of users?)
  • survey questions from the business community



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