Staff profile

Dr. ir. Peter de Vos

TU Delft, Faculty 3mE, B-4-220
Phone: +31 15 27 81040
Peter de Vos holds a position as lecturer and researcher in Marine Engineering at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. In 2008 he graduated cum laude on a master thesis titled “A mean value first principle approach for dynamically modelling reactors and heat exchangers within a diesel-fuelled PEMFC system”. In 2018 he obtained his PhD degree by successfully defending his dissertation titled “On early-stage design of vital distribution systems on board ships”. His current research activities focus on the application of sustainable, alternative fuels in the maritime industry, safe and robust design of on-board energy distribution systems and matching power plant and propulsion system technology on board of ships.
Key areas of Focus/Expertise
  • Ship Power Systems
  • Large reciprocating internal combustion engines
  • Alternative Marine Fuels
  • System Robustness
  • Marine Engineering