What tests will be carried out?

To start with, small-scale tests will be carried out. The next tests will then form the actual basis.

  1. Automatic ships as part of the regular public navigation system; for example, interaction with locks.
  2. Automatic ships as part of the system of goods distribution; for, example, automatic mooring and loading and unloading.
  3. Automatic ships as part of the overall transport network; for example, the automatic bundling and ordering of different modality systems.
  4. Interaction between automatic ships and non-automatic ships; for example, overtaking while navigating.
  5. The functioning of automatic ships in different circumstances; for example, different wind speeds.

Tests will then be carried out on a larger scale, in one or more field labs. The field lab on the Schie will play a role in the creation of market-orientated solutions with a clear user case and operational benefits.


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